4 Powerful Calls to Action that Bring in New Customers

Are you tired of creating ineffective content that doesn’t seem to bring new customers into your business? Well, it might not be the content itself. It may just be the calls to action that you have posted on your website.

How are you trying to turn these readers into paying customers? Do you have strong calls to action on your site? Are they convincing? Do they entice potential customers to enter their name and email address into an opt-in form? Do they get your customers to click over to a sales page?

The truth is that your website is probably fine. The content was good enough to get your customers there in the first place. But your website is most likely lacking strong calls to action. We’d like to help you remedy this problem by sharing 4 successful ways to create calls to action that turn readers into paying customers.

4 Strong Calls to Action to Implement in Your Business Right Away

Use these calls to action as often as possible to bring new customers into your company:

  • Try it free for [time]: this first call of action is incredibly effective because it shows your readers that you are offering them access to valuable information or a valuable product for a very limited amount of time. People love getting things for free. And even more importantly, they love getting high-quality items at no cost, even if it only lasts for a short while. By implementing this call to action, you are giving potential customers access to valuable products that you have to offer or valuable services. But by only offering it for a limited time, your potential customers will realize that this is a valuable offer that they need to take advantage of quickly before the time runs out.
  • Get started now: while this might seem like a very short and simple call to action, by adding the word now on the end of the phrase you are actually creating a very powerful inducement to your reader. Again, by adding the word now to the phrase, it tells people that they need to purchase your product or try your service right away. It convinces them that the time to get started really is right now, and not at some point later in the future. You want your customers to make the purchase immediately while they are in the buying frame of mind. So tell them to take action now. Tell them to do what you ask immediately. This is the best way to bring new paying customers into the fold and you’ll be very happy that you implemented this particular called action in your marketing materials.
  • Order [product or service] today: this is very similar to adding the word now to your call of action. By telling people that they should order today, you are convincing them to make their purchase immediately. By having them purchase right on the spot, you are not giving them time to change their mind. And if you offer products and services that you believe in (and you really should!), then there’s no reason to feel awkward about trying to convince your customers to make their purchase today as opposed to sometime in the future or possibly never.
  • Learn more: most people love reading and learning about the things that they are interested in online, and they will spend and devote hours of their time to learning, reading, watching videos and more. By adding the call to action “learn more”, you are telling people exactly what they want to hear. You are convincing them that by making a purchase of a product or service, they will learn more about the information that they are trying to acquire. Or by getting them to click a link that says learn more, they will find out more about the services or products that you offer. And potential customers will be glad to do so.

The evidence is in ladies and gentlemen. All of the calls to action mentioned above are incredibly powerful and they work like gangbusters to bring new customers into the fold. Start using them in your business today. See immediate results right now. Experience the benefits as soon as possible.